• Jeff Reynolds

Flying cameras, a better point of view, low altitude, Money Shots.

Think of drone photography as a photographer with a better view. Most people immediately think drone photography is all about flying high and taking shots of vast amounts of space.

The truth is telephoto lenses and drones moving towards and circling the subject at 6 to 8' off the ground yield amazing results. Its a very efficient process that gives an advantage of final deliverable images. Take for example the custom white truck video " Show me yours " on our site. A proficient pilot can easily wrap around your subject and create multiple " money Shots " in 60 seconds or less.

A hand held camera can never accomplish the same amount deliverable images especially from higher than 6'. Don't get me wrong I love to do hand held shots, but the shots that capture the viewers attention are vastly more available from a moving and circling drone.

Low perspectives, moving circling angles and lots of " money shots " . That is the most under realized value of drone photography.

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